Feeling blessed and honored to announce that The Last Touch won Best Social Distanced Production Runner Up at the Miami International Science Fiction Film Festival 2021!

The irony is that this movie was written and shot in 2018, not knowing how prescient it would become.

It is so rewarding to be part of an official selection, knowing that some festivals, like MiScifi, receive thousands of submissions. The fact that an established festival whose main focus is on #scififilms, noticed and honored The Last Touch amongst the 150 inspiring and high quality submissions  from all over the world makes this experience all the more humbling.

Made in Mars Studios shares this recognition with the  talented, dedicated, passionate cast and crew, without whom this film would not exist. Many thanks to: our amazing D.P Yaniv Glaser, co-star James Kacey, voice-star Monica Blaze Leavitt, composer Steve Sholtes, and special thanks to Olivier Schultheis, Anthony Abeson, Eric R Mizrahi, Don Riemer. And all the friends who helped me with their positive support.

>> Check out all info about The Last Touch here.


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