What we do

We tell stories, we make movies.

We put women in the spotlight, whether through acting, writing or directing. Sometimes we win awards or cause controversies. And we love it. 

Founded originally in France by award-winning international artist Melissa Mars, Made in Mars Studios is a growing global production with a home base in New York, while operating and maintaining business relationships in Los Angeles, Paris and Algiers.

With several projects under development encompassing a variety of genres and story-telling mediums — from dystopia to comedy, songs to graphic novels, literary fiction to movies — the heart of our drive is to tell female-driven, diverse, thought-provoking, empowering… stories.


An award-winning drama short screenplay that tells the poignant story of an Algerian-French actress trying to make it in Hollywood while struggling to embrace her heritage… [Read More]

Empowering, female-driven, diverse, thought-provoking… stories

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