PERFECT CHAOS – Episode 10

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During a global upheaval, artificial intelligence manipulates technology to turn against us, setting humanity on a path toward self-destruction.

Perfect Chaos Episode 10 is part of a Set Apart Pictures chain movie, a concept where every filmmaker takes the story over from where it left off and develops it further in a 48 hour challenge.

Totally #stayathome approved!

Fun Fact: Made during the worldwide lockdown, the distance between the two lead actors was kept waybeyond the 6 feet social distance requirements: 10, 353 miles apart! From NY to Melbourne!

Filmmaking post-covid by Mars.


Watch both seasons >>> here


Set Apart Pictures, Made in Mars Studios


Melissa Mars


Melissa Mars


Melissa Mars, Joshua Charles Dowe, Nick Farnell, Leah de Niese...


May 7, 2020

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