Director Melissa Mars takes you with her behind the scenes of The Last Touch and chats with the blog Dan’s Movie Report, from making the movie, working in front and behind the camera, expanding the short to a series to her upcoming projects… [Read Interview]

“Ironically, it took the power of social media to give me the push I needed to take my concept and make it into a short film!”

“Yaniv Glaser [the director of photography] did an amazing job working with what we had and creating a clinical, dark, isolated atmosphere with the lights and framing.”

“I was hesitant to cut the [duo-logue] scene because it was the only one in the whole short during which the two main characters look at each other. In the end, I made the choice of not having any eye contact between the couple. For me, it was the metaphor of the touch. (…) If I allowed the characters to share that look within the intimate setting of the bedroom, it would be as dangerous as touching and would have taken away from the feeling of an impenetrable barrier (represented by the “@” sign) between them. It took a lot out of me to sacrifice that moment, and make the choice to show no emotional or physical contact with each other in the whole movie (besides the accidental touch). I’m actually very “touched” lol and impressed when some viewers at festivals notice the absence of eye contact and tell me how powerful and unnerving they find it.”

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