“Humanity hangs by a thread.” Renegades, a French video game, tech and pop culture web magazine, offers front page coverage and high praise of The Last Touch. Check out the original French review. Below are excerpts translated from the original article:

“The quality of the work is indisputable…”

“A 5-minute short film that sends chills down your spine.”

“In these uncertain times of global crisis, this film resonates as both a warning and a wake up call; we can’t forget that we are more than digital consumers, we are human beings”

“The staging is minimalist and effective. Subdued tones lend a sober atmosphere to the scene and provide a backdrop for the striking contrast between the cold blue of the digital world and the warm glow of physical reality”

“The cast is top notch, expertly conveying the film’s dichotomous images of isolation versus intimacy.”

“In summary, an excellent short film by Melissa Mars…”