Two years ago the world was in lockdown… But when Set Apart Pictures invited a group of creators from across the globe to participate in a project, lockdown couldn’t stop them from “gathering” to create the dystopian chain movie PERFECT CHAOS.

A chain movie is a concept where every filmmaker takes the story over from where it was left off and takes it further… – in this case – in a 48hour challenge. Our challenge became the “perfectly imperfect :)” webseries PERFECT CHAOS.

Made in Mars Studios had the honors to wrap season 1 with the FINALE episode that Melissa Mars had the FUN of writing, directing, and starring in.

Fun Fact! The stay-at-home protocol was highly respected!! Even though it seems that Mars, playing Lana Remington, shares the screen with Joshua Charles Dowe, as Blake Remington, the social distance was kept way and beyond. The two stars stayed 10,353 miles apart! From NY to Melbourne…

If you have missed it, check it out!