Mars, The Last Touch‘s director, shares a behind the screen bonus:

✍🏼The particularity of screenwriting, as opposed to prose, is that it doesn’t end on the page… Screenwriting continues on set and even after, until the Final Cut.

👩🏻‍💻I’m happy to be able to edit myself, although I love to collaborate with editors… Editing is like holding the pen and doing another rewrite. What does that mean?

▶️Well, on this example from The Last Touch, my last movie. You can see an excerpt of the script as it was written for production, on set. And I annotated it and parallel-played it with the scene as it is edited in the film.

👉🏼As you can see and hear, a lot of the dialogue has been cut.
Some of the changes in the dialogue just happened on set, letting the words come out in a natural way.
The rest, I decided to cut out in the editing.

👉🏼You can also notice the AI voice doesn’t appear in the script. That “character” did not exist until a year after we shot. I had done a first cut. Then put the project to sleep. When I went back to finish it, I realized something was missing… and thankfully, I didn’t need to re-shoot anything. Just recorded the wonderful voice of Monica Blaze Leavitt and worked on the sound design.

I hope you enjoyed sneaking behind my screen.

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