“The thing I really liked is how you managed to sort of create the whole thing about the lack of intimacy but yet you’ve made a very intimate film about it.”
~James Wren, UVFF Festival Director

In a 10 minute interview with UVFF director James Wren, Writer/Director and star of The Last Touch, Melissa Mars, chats about her award-winning film and hints at future projects in the works. Watch the full interview below!

The Last Touch is nominated at the U.K Unrestricted View Film Festival (UVFF)! The festival runs from April 26th to May 2nd, 2021 and is available for screening worldwide! The Last Touch will be screened on Friday April 30th in the block of  ‘Shorts 5’, as the last… touch, closing the selection.
The award ceremony and festival wrap will be on May 2nd.

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